Upcoming Scheduling Requests

Respond to Requests

Welcome to Journey Church Online Management

We're so glad you are here.  Journey is going to use this tool to coordinate our activities, schedules, and volunteers in the areas of worship team, kids ministry, first impressions team, and setup & tear down crews.  

You can view what you are scheduled for and confirm that you'll be there (or that you won't).  You can even block off future times that you're unavailable.  This will help us know, and respond to changes.  You'll receive and email when your scheduled to do something.

Just above this you should see a Roster tab.  There down the left side it will show upcoming service dates.  By clicking on each date you can view what you are scheduled for, and then indicate if you'll be there or not.

There is also an Availability tab.  That lets you mark off future dates that you are unable to serve as a volunteer.

Thank you for helping out at Journey, and for the time you're taking to help make this work.


-Journey Staff

How to log in

You got an email about being scheduled to do some thing at Journey, you clicked the link and now you're here.  

Now what?

Don't Panic.  First thing, don't create an account.  If you got the email, we already have you.  

Your username is your first name and your last name (all lowercase) with no space between them.  

Like this:  arnoldschwarzenegger

Then contact David for your password.  515-432-0029 (call / text) david@journeydsm.org (email)